Version 1.3, out now!


There’s a big new update for Quantifier, available now.

Here’s a quick list of the new features:

– Step Tracking. Keep track of your daily step count, taking advantage of the fitness tracking capability of the iPhone 5S.
– A plot’s time scale can be adjusted to look at specific time periods (e.g. just the last week, just the last month, etc.). This will give you clearer view of recent changes in comparison to all of the data. This is particularly useful for larger data sets or those that extend over long periods of time.
– You can now edit the date and time associated with existing data points.
– 64-bit support on the iPhone 5S.

If you like the app, please leave a review in the App Store. I’ll never pester you in the app to rate it.


3 thoughts on “Version 1.3, out now!

  1. Adilet

    The only thing I don’t like is that I can input only one value versus time. I think this app would be much more useful if it was possible to input another value instead of time. So to speak, 2 inputs (x and y values). Graphs data versus time are very rarely useful, because it only shows how variable varies with time, but doesn’t tell why it happens. To do this, we need another variable, whose value we would be able to record and use it. Please, consider this feature. At this point, I’d say that I have wasted my money buying this app, although generally it is good app, but as useful as could be. I am waiting for your reply, since if you are not going to do this in near feature, I will have to find another one.

    • Adilet — thanks for the feedback. I have considered implementing this exact feature, but before I do, I want to nail down all of what I think should be done for plotting single variables against time. Correlating multiple variables is a possible next step. I would find it very useful if you give a few specific examples variables that you would like to plot against each other — most of the common things that people track don’t tend to correlate on a bivariate plot, and I worry that it wouldn’t end up being very useful. I hope that you find Quantifier useful for at least collecting data — one of my expressed goals is the ability to easily move your data to other apps for analysis. You’ll never be able to do as much analysis within Quantifier as you can do in more powerful software (statistics software, Excel, etc); you will also never be able to use that type of software for data collection as simply as Quantifier. Thanks again for reaching out.

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